Jeremy Corbyn gets part-time job as editor of the Beano

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has snagged himself a lucrative gig as new editor of the Beano, he has confirmed.

Just hours after George Osborne was announced as the latest editor for the London Evening Standard, Corbyn announce his own new job.

‘I can confirm that I will be the new editor of the Beano. As Labour leader, I have a lot of experience trying to direct unruly children,’ spoke Corbyn.

With the Labour leadership increasingly becoming a part-time job, Corbyn decided it was time to branch out and spread his wings. And when the Beano came calling, the opportunity was simply too good to turn down.

‘It’s a natural fit. Much like my Labour leadership, most people weren’t aware that the Beano is still a thing,’
said Corbyn.

This story was first reported in the London Evening Standard.