Jeremy Corbyn pledges price cap on Freddo Frogs

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to put a ten year price cap on Freddo Frogs in a bold move to win over voters.

Corbyn has confirmed that Freddo Frogs would be priced capped to 25p for the next ten years under a Labour government.

With pressure mounting on the Labour leader to overturn current poll figures, Corbyn might just have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with his latest policy pledge.

‘This is a rare moment of genius from Jeremy Corbyn and his team,’ said one political analyst. ‘It finally shows that he is truly in-tune with the British people and their concerns.’

And people on the street that we questioned seemed to share the same opinion.

‘It’s about time a politician stood up for the one thing that really matters in life: chocolate,’
said Hilda Kenna. Hilda went on to say that she would vote Labour for the first time in her life.

But some say that Corbyn’s price cap pledge doesn’t go far enough.

’25p is still a ludicrous price for such a small amount of chocolate, even if it does have a frog on it. I believe we should privatise the NHS and use the proceeds to pay Cadbury’s to lower the price back down to 10p,’ said one B. Johnson of Westminster.