Jeremy Corbyn warns police cutbacks could leave Britain with only Sting for defence

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has warned against further police cutbacks, claiming that Britain could be left with just Sting defending justice.

The grim prediction was made yesterday in a radio interview that saw Corbyn bash the Conservative cuts on the police.

‘20,000 jobs gone and who knows how many more they have planned. The Conservatives are cutting the police until we only have Sting left. And, while I respect his lute playing skills, he alone can’t defend Britain,’
said Corbyn.

The Conservative Party has denied that it plans such drastic cutbacks in the near future, but doesn’t rule them out entirely.

‘Unlike Mr Corbyn, we have the utmost faith in the ability of aging British rock stars like Sting. Unfortunately Jeremy doesn’t believe in Britain like we do,’
said Amber Rudd, Home Secretary.

Sting himself has refused to comment on Corbyn’s statement, saying he would rather spend his time on his police work.

‘Every breath I take, I’ll be watching you,’ he said from his surveillance booth.