Jeremy Corbyn wins hide ‘n’ seek championship

Jeremy Corbyn has been announced as the 2016/17 hide ‘n’ seek champion after remaining completely unseen in public for over two weeks.

With all other contestants found, the Labour leader was announced the winner in the early hours of this morning.

‘I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone drop from the public eye quite as well without actually dying,’ said a competition organiser.

However Corbyn didn’t turn up to receive the winner’s trophy as he is still in hiding.

‘He’s really taking it to the next level,’ said the organiser.

Corbyn supporters are trumpeting the victory as further evidence their man can win Labour the next general election.

‘All he does is win. Ignore the shockingly low polling numbers and just look at what he has accomplished in the last few weeks. No politician has ever won this championship before, he’s one of a kind’ said Diane Abbot.

In an effort to find Corbyn so he can return to leading the Labour Party, several volunteers are searching London for him as well as professional seekers.

‘We had a tip from his neighbours that we’ll investigate today. They heard him shouting for help last night. They think he might have got trapped under a fallen set of drawers. His win might have just been a happy accident,’ said one volunteer.