Joe ‘delighted’ as scientists find the cure for cotton eye

After decades of research, scientists have at last found the cure for cotton eye, a rare disease with only one known sufferer, Joe Rednex.

Joe suffered from cotton eye for over twenty years. The condition left doctors baffled and Joe blinded by a cotton-like build up around his eyes.

A foundation was set-up to help find a cure and a charity single ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ became a huge hit, reaching number 1 in the UK charts as well as eleven other countries. All proceeds from the hit single went to finding a cure for Joe.

While it took longer than they’d hoped, a breakthrough was finally made in 2016 which has at last led to a cure. The cotton eye has been completely removed from Joe and he is now able to see for the first time in over twenty years.

‘I’m grateful for the cure and everything but I have to admit the world looks a lot shitter than I remembered,’ said Joe.

It is seen as a huge win for the music industry to have played such a big part in the search for the cure after a disappointing result from Mud’s quest to find a cure for tiger feet back in the 1970s, which still affects thousands to this day.