Judge increases Martin Shkreli’s prison sentence 5000% overnight

Martin Shkreli is in for a long stay in jail after the judge suddenly decided to raise his prison sentence 5000% overnight.

The ‘Pharma Bro’ was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to two years. But Judge Kiyo Matsumoto decided that the sentence wasn’t enough and has jacked it up 5000% meaning that Shkreli will now serve 100 years in jail.

‘By increasing the sentence we will be able to provide better justice whilst continuing to improve the legal system,’ said Judge Matsumoto.

Shkreli, who believed the original sentence was harsh, is livid at the sudden sharp increase.

‘You can’t do this to another human being. It’s not fair, this is my life we’re talking about. What kind of monster would do this?’
asked an incensed Shkreli.

Shkreli is now said to be appealing but that is a view held by very few people.