Katie Hopkins found dead inside

Professional rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins was found dead inside today by a team of medical professionals.

Hopkins, who just yesterday was forced to pay out six figures in damages and legal costs over a hateful tweet, was taken into a nearby hospital by her husband, where she was pronounced dead inside by team of mental health experts.

‘She has so little humanity left in her that our only option was to pronounce her dead inside. There’s just nothing we can do for her,’
said Dr Fizzicola.

While dead inside, Katie Hopkins will still be allowed to return home where it’s expected she will sit by the window and shout abuse at anyone passing by.

‘I’ve already bought a “Beware of the cunt” sign for the yard so that anyone of a sensitive natural can avoid her,’ said Katie’s husband.

She will still be allowed to write for the Daily Mail where her lack of humanity is seen as a positive, not a negative.