Labour launches feasibility study into nationalising Greggs

Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has launched a comprehensive study on the feasibility of nationalising Greggs for the many.

Corbyn visited Greggs yesterday to sample their wares for himself before announcing the launch of the study.

‘Greggs is a British institution with its selection of fine baked goods. I want to live in a Britain where Greggs bake pies and pasties for the many, not the few,’ said Corbyn.

Under his plan, the British government would buy Greggs for £1.5 billion – the equivalent of just 10 DUP MPs.

However, some critics have claimed the move is simply pandering to poor working class types and is nothing more a cheap ploy to win their votes.

‘I wish I’d thought of that when I was leading UKIP,’
admitted Nigel Farage.