LEAKED: Roger Federer to be named the next Doctor Who after Wimbledon

A leaked document from within the BBC has confirmed that tennis star Roger Federer will be named the next Doctor Who lead after the men’s Wimbledon final.

With Whovians eagerly anticipating who will replace Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, a file leaked by a higher-up in the BBC confirms that it will be Roger Federer, a man who has battled time to reach eleven Wimbledon finals.

The controversial decision will be made official after the men’s Wimbledon final where Roger Federer, win or lose, will announce his retirement from tennis to concentrate on his new acting career.

Some fans of the show have complained about the decision, with many feeling Kris Marshall would have been a better choice, claiming that Roger Federer doesn’t have the acting talent to portray the role.

But show critics have volleyed back.

‘Have you seen the acting on Doctor Who? It’s fucking dreadful. Roger will fit right in as long as he overacts his ass off,’
said TV critic Jim Shelley.