Lesbian group petition Dick Van Dyke to change ‘offensive’ name

A lesbian group has created an online petition to ask Dick Van Dyke to legally change his name due to its ‘offensive nature’.

The petition has been signed by over one hundred angry lesbians demanding that the ageing Hollywood star change his surname to something less offensive.

‘Dyke is a slur against lesbians and we can’t allow this to stand. He has been trading off this offensive name for decades and now he needs to get with the times,’
said Sandra Mimsy, who created the petition.

However some who signed the petition have said that changing the Dyke simply isn’t enough.

‘I’m not a fan of the “Dick” either. The “Van” is okay though. Perhaps he can change his name to something a little softer like Rick Van Winkle, I can’t see any problem with that,’ said one petition signer.

Dick Van Dyke has so far declined to comment on the petition.