Lidl employee becomes first to scan items faster than the speed of light

Scientists are amazed after it was revealed that an employee at Lidl managed to scan items through the checkout faster than the speed of light.

While Lidl are known for getting their customers through the till quickly, none are quicker than Gail Hastings, 28, who broke the speed of light yesterday.

‘She’s always been the quickest of the staff. That’s why we call her “Gail Force”. But what she did was above and beyond anyone’s imagination,’
said store manager Frank Clarke.

Gail was able to scan through a total of 47 items, which at Lidl came to a cost of £7.21. And she did it all quite literally in the blink of an eye.

CCTV footage in the store captured the event, which left one shopper in a fluster to get to the bagging area, and it has now been sent to a team of scientists to verify and study.

‘We’ve long suspected the key to faster than light travel lay in the hands of Lidl employees. This could be the biggest breakthrough since Brian Blessed broke the decibel barrier,’
said Dr Carla Mortensen of the Burnley Science Institute.