Lois Lane ‘deeply suspicious’ after contracting super-gonorrhea

Ace reporter Lois Lane is ‘deeply suspicious’ after being told by doctors that she had contracted super-gonorrhea, according to friends.

Super-gonorrhea is particularly dangerous strain of gonorrhea that cannot be treated with the the usual antibiotics.

Lois, who enjoys an on-again off-again relationship with Superman, believes the superhero may have using his superhuman speed to bang as many women as possible when they were on a break.

‘It’s a tumultuous relationship, they never really know where they stand with each other,’
said an anonymous friend of Lois. ‘But she never sleeps around, even when they’re on a break. So it’s pretty obvious where the source of the super-gonorrhea came from.

‘If you ask me she should settle down with Clark Kent. He’s a good, dependable type. A bit nerdy but you wouldn’t have to worry about any secrets with him.’

It’s believed that Superman may have overheard the phone call made to Lois by her doctor and is currently avoiding her until the heat is off. And the clap is gone.