Man only capable of growing moustache of bees

A local man has revealed his heartache at only being able to grow a bee moustache even though he is well into his thirties.

While all his male friends (and even a couple of his female ones) are capable of growing a full bee beard, Andrew Ingram, 38, can only grow a bee moustache. Any attempt to grow a full bee beard is patchy at best and leaves Andrew feeling ‘less of a man’.

‘I think I’d look really good with a bee beard but it just doesn’t grow right for me. The moustache comes in fine but the rest of the bees on my face are patchy and uneven, I think a wasp or two tries to sneak its way in too. I’ve tried all sorts to thicken it up, even massaging my face with honey, but nothing seems to work,’ Andrew told us.

Experts say that Andrew is not alone. Many men are simply unable to grow a full beard of bees due to a combination of genetic factors. That doesn’t make it sting any less for Andrew though.

‘Sometimes I think I should just rock the bee moustache and be proud of it. But then I worry that people will think I look like a beedophile.’