Man denied entry on flight with emotional support keg of lager

A man has expressed his disappointment with Ryanair after he was denied entry onto a flight with his emotional support keg of lager.

With more airlines allowing anxious passengers to bring emotional support pets and items on board, William Fuller believed he’d have no problem bring a keg of lager onto his flight to ease his nerves.

‘I’ve always hated flying and when a friend told me I could bring something on the flight for emotional support I knew exactly what I needed – enough alcohol to get an elephant tipsy. So imagine my disappointment when they wouldn’t allow me on the flight with my keg. It’s an absolute disgrace,’ William told us.

William was told that he could board the flight without his lager. He then attempted to drink the entire keg, even getting a fellow passenger to provide leg support whilst he performed a keg standard.

However, at that point, he became so drunk that Ryanair wouldn’t allow him on the flight anyway.

‘You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,’ said William.