Man dressed as Elvis Presley steals over $1,000 from Burger King

A man dressed as Elvis Presley committed an armed robbery on a Las Vegas branch of Burger King and fled the scene with over $1,000.

The staff and customers were left all shook up as the Elvis impersonator held them at gunpoint and demanded “all the money in the registers” and a Whopper Meal be thrown into his sack with a dollar sign crudely painted on. He made his escape in a pink Cadillac before police could reach the scene of the crime.

"Elvis" left the building with over $1,000 of cash and food.

“Elvis” left the building with over $1,000 of cash and food.

Customer Aaron Dreamer told his eye witness account, “This fat guy came staggering into the restaurant and he had this bad vibe about him, you know? I was eating with my little sister and we both gave each other a look – he was giving us both suspicious minds. Then he pulled out a gun like he was in the ghetto and demanded money and food from one of the staff.”

Officer Sgt. Eddie Bear has said his department are taking the crime very seriously and won’t rest until the criminal is behind bars.

“We have security footage and eye witnesses to the crime. We’re confident we’ll catch up with him and when we do we’ll take him way down town and make sure he does the jailhouse rock.”

The wannabe-Elvis fled the scene whilst shouting, “I’m the real Burger King, baby! Thank you, thank you very much!”