Man has gastric band removed to enter hot dog eating contest

Local man Woody Hill had his gastric band removed one month ago so he could enter a hot dog eating contest that took part yesterday.

“The gastric band worked great. I lost 90lbs in just over a year,” said Hill. “but I really missed gorging myself. I used to enter amateur eating contests and I was pretty successful. It felt like it was time to go back into that world and see what I could do.”

Hill (37) lost 90lbs to go from 330lbs to 240lbs over the course of twelve months thanks to the appetite reduction caused by the lap band.

“I had it removed a month before the competition so I’d have chance to train. Day by day I’d eat more and more hot dogs as quickly as I could. Then, a day before the competition, I stopped eating and filled my belly with as much water as I could drink so I’d be hungry on the day.”

Having the gastric band fitted cost Hill $15,000 and another $9,000 to be removed. Despite the cost, Hill doesn’t regret either decision: “I achieved my weight loss goals and now I’m free to eat as much as I want for awhile. When the weight goes back on I’ll just have another surgery.”

Despite the training, Hill only finished a disappointing third out of five entrants. How did he feel after his middle of the pack finish?

“I have 36 hot dogs in my stomach. How do you think I feel?”