Man ‘pooping for two’ after wife tells him she’s pregnant

A local man is officially ‘pooping for two’ after his wife informed him that she’s pregnant with their first child.

The pregnancy was unplanned, which has certainly added to father-to-be John McVay’s need to defecate several times a day.

‘We never really wanted kids but things happen,’
he admitted. ‘I’m happy but nervous. Which could explain why I’m spending more time on the toilet than my wife is raiding the fridge.’

While you often hear the term ‘eating for two’ about pregnant women, it’s a little known fact that prospective fathers often ‘poop for two’ during the pregnancy cycle.

Doctors say the increase in male pooping during pregnancy is mainly down to fear of what’s to come.

‘Many future dads find themselves in a state of shock and don’t know what to do. So they spend a lot of time literally shitting themselves over what the future holds,’
says midwife Dawn Carter.

Family and friends are gathering around John during this difficult time. Although they are tending to avoid using the bathroom directly after him.