Man still not losing weight despite performing almost a full sit-up

A local man’s weight loss plans have hit a snag after he failed to lose weight despite performing almost an entire sit-up on Sunday.

Pete Granger (54) is hoping to lose the tummy caused by years of excess but is struggling even though he’s giving it everything he’s got.

‘I bought a set of exercise clothing and I did nearly a full sit-up on Sunday after I’d had my full English breakfast, but the weight just isn’t shifting. I even drove past the gym and considered getting a membership. Nothing seems to be working,’ said Pete.

Mr Granger was able to lie on the floor and move his chin up a bit. Despite this considerable exertion the scales remain the same.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I was sweating up a storm so I thought I’d have at least lost a bit of water weight. I’ve lost more weight taking a dump than doing that half sit-up,’
said Pete.

Now he is considering changing up his exercise routine in an attempt to ‘shock his body’.

‘The partial sit-up clearly isn’t working for me. Tomorrow I might try and do a push-up. I’m really good at the lying down bit, if I can just nail the pushing up part then I’m golden.’