Man waiting for all the election results to come out on Netflix

A local man has revealed his plans to avoid all General Election spoilers until the whole run is shown on Netflix.

Avid binge watcher, Jay Bentley, 34, says he will avoid social media and life in general for the next few months until all the General Election coverage, including the full run of results, comes to Netflix.

‘I hate watching things a bit at a time. Everything comes to Netflix eventually so I’ll just wait, avoid spoilers, and binge the entire thing,’ said Jay.

Jay is so committed to avoiding results that he isn’t even going to vote today, so as to avoid seeing which way the tide is turning.

Netflix has yet to confirm whether they will buy the rights to the election coverage but they have said they’re looking at producing a dramatisation of the campaign.

‘It’ll be less “Making a Murderer” and more “Murdering a Nation”,’ said the UK head of Netflix.