Middle east peace achieved after coalition threatens to send in James Corden

Total peace has been declared in the middle east after a western coalition including Britain and America threatened to drop James Corden on them.

The ‘Corden drop’ was considered to be the west’s final attempt at stabilising a region that has been volatile for thousands of years. The threat was made just last night and already it seems to have been a success.

Leaders of middle-eastern countries, as well as leaders of various terrorist networks and cells, have promised to behave themselves rather than endure the ‘entertainment’ brought about by James Corden.

‘We’d rather play nicely with Palestine than endure the indignity of having to watch him sing with one of his Hollywood pals,’
admitted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But with the effectiveness of James Corden as a deterrent now evident, fears have grown that other countries may seek to engineer their own James Cordens in what could be the nuclear arms race of the 21st century.

‘Could you imagine how dangerous North Korea would be if they had a James Corden of their own? It doesn’t bear thinking about,’ said TV’s Paul Chuckle.