That money was just resting in my account, Trump tells FBI

President Donald Trump has called the FBI’s investigation of his financial affairs with the Deutsche Bank ‘ridiculous’ and claims any illegal or illicit funds were merely ‘resting in his account’ before being moved on to their proper owner.

With the FBI serving a subpoena to Deutsche Bank, demanding full detailed records of all of Donald Trump’s financial affairs, rumours are quickly spreading that Trump may have foreign money in his account.

The president has been quick to deny these allegations.

‘This is more fake news from the fake media and the fake FBI. I have a lot of money and I can’t be expected to keep track of it all 24/7. Believe me, any illegal funds were merely resting in my account before they could be moved onto the proper owner,’ Trump said to the press.

But a source within the FBI believes that may not be the case.

‘If that money was just resting then it was having a good long rest. More like a full-blown retirement in Donald Trump’s account,’ said our anonymous source.

In unrelated news, Donald Trump and his staff have completed the purchase of hundreds of high-powered shredders.