Nando’s to decheekify restaurants by as much as 50% after consumer backlash

Nando’s are set to decheekify their restaurants by up to 50% after sales slumped in 2016.

The restaurant chain, famous for their peri-peri chicken, has been haemorrhaging customers, many of whom have said they find the entire experience ‘just too damned cheeky’.

‘You want a certain level of cheekiness when you go to Nando’s, it’s par for the course. But I think they’ve taken it too far. It’s all a bit much when you just want a bit of spicy chicken,’ said one customer.

Nando’s say they have taken the complaints on board and will set about descaling the levels of cheekiness that customers are forced to endure at their restaurants.

‘We overdid it on the cheekiness, we can accept that. We are looking at ways to decheekify each branch individually, some can expect cuts of as much as 50%,’ said a spokesperson for the restaurant.

However, not everyone is a fan of the decision. The Archbishop of Banterbury has called the decision ‘shocking and short sighted’.