NASA announce signs of intelligent life on Earth

Today NASA revealed shocking findings that there appears to be a rudimentary form of intelligent life on the planet Earth.

‘We have some evidence that there could very well be an intelligent life form on Earth. We don’t know exactly what it is at this time but we do know that it doesn’t involve Donald Trump supporters,’ said Paul Hertz of NASA.

NASA has long search for intelligent life but it was only when they decided to turn their search inward that they were rewarded.

‘Space is a vast empty void. There’s nothing there really. But there’s some quite interesting stuff going on on Earth. It really surprised us,’ said Hertz.

The life-form found is currently being referred to at NASA as Carbon Alien Terrestrial Sentience or CATS.

‘We believe that CATS could be vicious if provoked and are best avoided at this time. They may have already mastered complex sciences such as string theory and would therefore have technology way in advance of our own.’

NASA has advised that people remain calm and stock up heavily on Whiskers to appease CATS in the event of an invasion.