New record! Vegetarian lasts five minutes without telling anyone they’re a vegetarian

History was made in London today after a vegetarian lasted five minutes and three seconds without bringing up the fact they’re a vegetarian to anyone.

Carly McBride, 28, shocked the world and especially those who know her, after lasting just over five minutes without letting anyone know she doesn’t eat meat.

In an achievement being compared to Roger Bannister running a sub four minute mile, Carly has taken a huge leap forward for all vegetarians around the globe.

‘People didn’t think it was possible for a vegetarian, which I am, to not talk about it constantly. But by going over five minutes without dropping it into conversation I believe others may be able to follow my lead and maybe even surpass me,’ said Carly.

Her achievement will now be noted in the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records and Carly is already busy working on two books based on her record. The first is a self-help guide for vegetarians who are looking for other topics of conversation besides not eating meat, and the other is about a world where vegetarians never bring up the fact they don’t eat meat at all.

The latter will be classed as science-fiction.