Paul Nuttall defeats Usain Bolt in his final race

Nuttall wins again!

Paul Nuttall beat Usain Bolt in the London 100m finals last night providing a golden end to the glittering sprint career of the Liverpudlian.

With his trademark streamlined head and steely look of determination, Paul Nuttall romped to victory and become the first man to break the 100m nine-second barrier whilst winning the 24th world gold medal of his illustrious career.

That might be why it came as some shock that Nuttall announced that the World Athletics Championship would be the final event of his career.

‘I’ve done it all in the sprint world. There are no new challenges for me here. Time to do something else. Maybe move into politics, that’s something I’ve never done before,’ said Nuttall.

Beloved by the British public, Paul Nuttall is now favourite to become next prime minister.

Of lesser note: Usain Bolt also retired after a career of being constantly second best to Nuttall.