‘Peter Rabbit’ boycotted after people learn it stars James Corden

The ‘Peter Rabbit’ movie is being boycotted by millions of sensible people who’ve learned that it stars James Corden as the voice of Peter Rabbit.

While a few parents say they’ll stop their children from watching the film over a scene that contains ‘allergy bullying’, many more will avoid the movie for the much better reason that it contains James Corden.

‘Even though you don’t actually see James Corden, you still hear him. A lot of him. And that’s more than enough reason for anyone to boycott this film,’ said Libby O’Hare, a mother of two.

Some Hollywood experts predict that the ‘Corden Effect’ could cause the ‘Peter Rabbit’ movie to be the biggest bomb since ‘Waterworld’. This is considered somewhat ironic as most of the boycotters would happily watch James Corden drown at sea.

‘Now THAT would be worth the price of admission,’ said James Corden’s mum.

We made no attempt to contact James Corden on this matter as we didn’t want to speak to him.