Piss-up in a brewery CANCELLED after Britain’s Brexit negotiators put in charge

A piss-up in a brewery had to be cancelled after Britain’s team of Brexit negotiators were left to plan everything.

Desperately needing a confidence boost ahead of the next round of negotiations, Theresa May gave her negotiating team an open goal by giving them £100,000 of tax payer money and telling them to show everyone a good time.

Problems quickly emerged though when none of the team could decide what constituted a ‘good time’.

‘We all made our separate plans and when we came back as a team to discuss them they were wildly, irreconcilably different,’ said one negotiator.

After an intense four-day negotiation, the team realised they had missed their deadline for the piss-up whilst still debating how it should be done.

‘So, after careful consideration, we decided to just split the £100,000 equally between us,’
the anonymous negotiator told us.

Could Brexit also be cancelled as a result of their incompetence? It’s looking increasingly likely.