Police rescue man after girlfriend tells him she’s ‘fine’

Local police have made a daring rescue of an oblivious man who believed his girlfriend when she told him she was ‘fine’ today.

Neighbours watched on as Simon Pickering was swept out of his house and taken to safety by police. He is still mostly unaware of what is happening.

‘Simon is not the first man in this dangerous situation that we’ve had to rescue today, and I’m sure he won’t be the last,’
said PC Derek Warnock.

Mr Pickering, 27, failed to spot the warning signs when his girlfriend greeted him with a frosty air of silence in the morning.

When, hours later, he asked her if everything was okay, she responded that she was ‘fine’ before walking off and slamming the door behind her.

‘She said she was fine. Why would she lie?’ said Simon.

Simon Pickering is now being kept at the police station for his own safety with over a dozen more men. They will be debriefed on where they went wrong at the end of the day.