Racism and sexism pretty much solved, says white man

Racism and sexism simply aren’t a big deal any more, and anyone who complains is just making excuses, according to a white man.

Tim Foster (36) works as a stock broker and believes that sexism and racism are now only marginal problems at most, and any woman or person of colour who says otherwise is simply making excuses for their own poor choices.

‘I have not seen a single instance of sexism in my entire life. My buddies and I always tip well whenever we go to a strip bar and, just last week, I had sex with a woman I’d only consider a soft eight. That’s real progress,’ said Tim.

‘And as for racism, I just don’t see it. I get on well with people of all colours. I mean, you’ve got to be a bit careful about what you say around Muslims, for obvious reasons, but other than that there just aren’t any problems any more.’

Foster, who is single and has an all-white friend circle, is of the opinion that anyone who brings up racism or sexism is simply ‘looking for excuses’.

‘Look, life is tough for all of us right now. I’m struggling to get on the buy-to-let market. The bitch at the bank wouldn’t give me a second mortgage. Socially though, this is as good as it’s going to get. So stop complaining and just get on with it,’ said Foster.

With racism and sexism seemingly a thing of the past, Foster believes it’s time for society to focus more on white males again.

‘We’ve kind of been forgotten about lately. When’s it going to be our time?’