Racist protests against protest against racism

A racist old white man has protested against a protest against racism in a stunning turn of events.

American VP Mike Pence was scheduled to watch 60 minutes of gridiron action as the Colts took on the 49ers. However he left before the game even began after several players took a knee during the national anthem.

Onlookers were stunned as Pence walked out after players protested during the national anthem.

‘At first I thought it was because the nation was under attack or even just that he realised a Colts-49ers game wasn’t going to be very good. But then it clicked in my mind and I couldn’t believe it,’ said one man in the crowd.

Donald Trump has applauded his vice president’s actions saying that it was about time that racists made a stand against all the anti-racism propaganda in today’s media.

‘Bigly move from Pence today. So proud,’
he tweeted.