Real life ‘Hunger Games’ being introduced by David Cameron

David Cameron's Hunger Games

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans for a real life ‘Hunger Games’ to be brought to British TV screens this winter.

The reality game-show will pit TWENTY British people – mainly from Scotland and the north of England – against each other in a fight to the death. Entry is strictly voluntary and the winner will receive £1 million AND lifetime tax exemption status.

Jeremy Kyle

“It’s the type of show I’ve always really wanted to present.” – Jeremy Kyle.

“Millions of British people are still going hungry because of the mess the Labour government left behind. This is not just an opportunity for the contestants but it will create hundreds of new jobs,” said PM David Cameron.

The show (working title: Sentenced To Death) is expected to be hosted by Jeremy Kyle and will be shown exclusively on Sky 1.

“This is yet another fantastic idea from this marvellous Conservative government,” wrote member of the Conservative government, Boris Johnson “It pulls one serf out of the gutter whilst disposing of nineteen more. It’ll also build a tremendous sense of community spirit amongst the public. It makes one feel proud to be British again.”

‘Sentenced To Death’ will debut in December and is scheduled to be an annual event until a government with a sense of decency and humanity is voted in.