Calls grow louder for tighter regulation of salt and vinegar crisp packet colours

A group of concerned citizens has come together to ask the government to more tightly regulate the colour of salt and vinegar crisps over concerns that someone might accidentally purchase a packet of gross cheese and onion flavoured crisps instead instead.

The group is dozens strong and go by the name People Against Confusing Crisp Colouring Systems and they are determined that every crisps manufacturer across Britain obey the same colouring chart.

‘Right now it’s like the wild west out there. Most companies use blue for salt and vinegar but then Walkers are fannying around and using green. It causes confusion for the consumer and we’re seriously concerned someone might end up with cheese and onion, the filthiest of all flavours apart from maybe prawn cocktail,’
said Chris Plover, the PACCCS leader.

‘If just one person buys cheese and onion when they wanted salt and vinegar then that’s one person too much,’
he continued.

And Brits seem to agree. One petition started by PACCCS already has over 1.7 million signatures.

‘There’s a lot of messed up shit going on in the world right now, but this is probably the worst and the British people have really responded to it,’ said Mr Plover.

The government will debate intervention during the next parliamentary session.