Richard Cumcision awarded knighthood for services to Jewish community

The New Year’s Honours list has been given a late update after it was decided to award Richard Cumcision a knighthood for his services to the Jewish community.

Over the last thirty years, Richard has helped build links between the Jewish community and people of London. He has also worked extensively at tackling anti-Semitism and offered housing to former neo-Nazis who wanted to escape their hateful past.

‘Richard has made London a safer, happier place for us. We have been pushing for this for quite some time. He completely deserves it,’
said Rabbi Feingold.

Many are commenting that this represents the most truly worthy honour of the year.

Richard says he was absolutely shocked when he heard the news and now can’t wait until the big day when he will be made a knight of the realm.

‘Never in all my life did I believe Richard Cumcision would become Sir Cumcision.’