Russian officials goaded President Trump into revealing nuclear launch code

The White House and several federal security agencies are in scramble mode after Russian officials successfully goaded the nuclear launch code out of President Trump.

During an informal meeting between the president and several high ranking Russian officials including politicians, ambassadors, and diplomats, Donald Trump was teased that he was being left in the dark about key elements of national security.

‘Everyone is saying you are an idiot president. Not a strong leader like President Putin. I bet they haven’t even told you the nuclear launch code,’
one Russian began.

An incensed President Trump was said to have turned an angry shade of red as the goading continued, until he insisted that he did know the launch code for America’s full stockpile of nuclear weapons.

‘I do know the nuclear launch code and I’ll prove it! The code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start,’
shouted the aggravated former host of The Apprentice.

Russian officials were said to be ‘gobsmacked’ over witnessing the single biggest, most dangerous leak in history. The team quickly excused themselves to make an urgent phone call.

Now America is in a race against time to change the launch codes before Russia can access the system. While the process of changing the launch code only takes a matter of minutes, no-one can remember the email account details the nuclear stockpile is linked to.

‘We think it might still be but we can’t remember the password to that,’ said one NSA agent.