Ryan Giggs to replace Robert Mugabe on a caretaker basis

Robert Mugabe has officially resigned as Zimbabwean president and is set to be replaced by Ryan Giggs until the end of the season, according to Zimbabwe’s government.

After 37 years of disappointing leadership, Zimbabwe decided to turn to Ryan Giggs to right the ship on a short-term basis.

‘Giggsy has studied under some of the greatest leaders in history. It makes perfect sense to install him as our caretaker president,’
said one Zimbabwean politician.

This could be the chance Giggs needs to finally carve out his own management role. The government has indicated that a string of good results could lead to a permanent position.

‘We certainly don’t want another vicious power struggle until at least 2018,’
said our source.

Giggs himself seems pleased at the opportunity afforded to him and has already contacted Gary Neville to come in as his number two.