Scientists make the best lovers, scientists confirm

Scientists make better lovers than people from any other profession, according to a study run by a team of two professional scientists.

‘This was a particularly intense study run by myself and Jason…sorry, I meant Dr. Rambone. We ran through a vigorous set of tests and procedures and positions and came to the conclusion that scientists make the best lovers,’ reported Dr. Claire Mates.

‘I have to agree with Dr. Mates, scientists really are the best in the sack. We believe it’s due to our precise nature and fact-based methodology,’
said Dr. Rambone.

But the study was not without some losses as Dr. Rambone told us that the hours he put into his work caused such a strain on his marriage that he is currently undergoing a trial separation from his wife.

Rambone and Mates will be releasing a documentary on their month long experimentation entitled ‘Ramboned: Test These Tubes’ in January.