Spielberg to direct true life tale of woman’s struggle to choose between two sandwiches

Steven Spielberg has announced that he will be bringing the true life tale of one woman’s struggle to choose between two sandwiches to the cinema.

After a posting a live video of her making the agonising decision between a ham and cheese or avocado and egg sandwich, Sophie Crittenden, 31, was stunned when the video went viral.

‘I just wanted a bit of input from my friends but they shared it and soon thousands of people were chipping in with their suggestions,’
said Sophie.

Over 350,000 people watched the video live and millions tuned into it later. It even drew the attention of famed Hollywood director Stephen Spielberg.

‘It was a moment in time that so beautifully encapsulated life. The choice between the old classic the flavour-of-the-month. Past and future. I knew immediately I had to make a movie about it,’ said Spielberg.

Spielberg bought the rights to the true life story for over $100,000, a sum he considers a ‘bargain’.

The casting process has already begun in earnest with Jennifer Lawrence tipped to star in the movie which is currently being called ‘Sophie’s Choice’.