Spilt milkshake brings all the bees to the yard

A spilt milkshake has brought all the bees to the yard as the honey makers put in their last shift before shutting down production for the colder months.

Ariane Gardner dropped her delicious strawberry milkshake after tripping up on her own feet. After she was done crying over her spilt milkshake, she noticed a buzzing swarm in the sky descending right at her.

‘I ran inside as quickly as I could. I didn’t know what it was at first, it looked like something out of X-Files. Once I was in the safety of my home I got out my binoculars that I use for watching the neighbours and I realised it was a cloud of bees. There must have been millions of them.’

The bees swarmed around the milkshake, each drinking their fill of the sugary delight until none remained.

‘Bees love sugar, that’s why they’re so fat,’
said bee expert, Gob Bluth. ‘They will have come from miles around to fatten up on this delight.’

While Gardner’s spilt milkshake brought all the bees to the yard, they quickly left once the milkshake was all gone.

‘I’ll be more careful with my milkshake next time,’ said Ariane.