Star Wars: The Last Jedi leaked on Wookieeleaks

Disney is considering taking legal action after Star Wars: The Last Jedi was leaked in its entirety to Wookieeleaks.

Star Wars fans got an early treat after Wookieeleaks announced via Twitter that it had obtained the complete file for The Last Jedi and made it available to the public.

‘We firmly believe that this The Last Jedi file is in the public interest which is why we have decided to leak it in its entirety,’ said Wookieeleaks founder Julbacca Assange.

Disney are readying a crack-shot legal team to force Wookieeleaks to take down The Last Jedi and have already forced Julbacca into hiding.

It’s believed that Wookieeleaks received the file from an anonymous source who will only be known as GLucas69.