‘Super athlete’ Donald Trump declares eligibility for 2018 NFL Draft

After receiving a glowing report from his personal doctor, President Donald Trump has declared his eligibility for the 2018 NFL Draft.

Standing at 6’3” and 239lbs, Trump has excellent size for the NFL and expects to be a high draft pick despite never having played the sport before.

‘I’m sure I’ll be able to pick it up quickly,’
he announced.

If drafted on April 26th, it will mark the first draft Donald Trump’s been eligible for that he hasn’t dodged. He would also be the oldest NFL played of all-time at 71 years of age, beating the previous record of 48.

Trump claims that he would be happy to play for any NFL team, with two caveats.

‘First of all, I won’t play for the Cleveland Browns. That’s just common sense. Secondly, any team I play for must all stand for the national anthem,’ he said.

It’s believed that Trump will be invited to the NFL Combine, an event for college players that measures their athletic ability with a series of tests such as the 40 yard dash.

Elite athletes can typically run 40 yards in the 4.3-4.5 second range.

‘That could be tough for President Trump. He doesn’t normally like to even walk 40 yards, let alone run them,’ one aide told us.