Swordfish on brink of extinction due to rival penfish

The swordfish has been moved to the endangered species list by the World Wildlife Fund as numbers continue to dwindle because of the mighty penfish.

Sharing the same waters, the swordfish and penfish make for natural rivals – both aggressive predators of the same prey. But it would appear the penfish is winning the war with swordfish numbers dwindling to levels that the WWF has called ‘dangerously low’.

‘This is a real worry for the future of the swordfish. If these trends continue then they could be extinct within the next twenty years,’ said a WWF spokesperson.

While swordfish attack their prey with brute force, penfish are craftier and prefer to outsmart their prey. And this has been clearly been the more effective method as swordfish have struggled to find food, causing their numbers to dwindle.

Animal expert Chris Packham told us, ‘This is how the animal kingdom works. The penfish is mightier than the swordfish and so the swordfish will perish.’