Syrians send millions to aid decimated NHS

Syrians living in war-torn conditions have clubbed together to send money, medical supplies and care packages to help relieve the burden on a decimated NHS.

It has often been said the people with the least give the most – and thousands of Syrians are proving it to be true.

Packages delivered to Syria by the Red Cross are being returned with messages that the British NHS needs it more.

‘It’s one of the most beautiful, heart-warming things I’ve ever seen,’ said one Red Cross worker.

And not only are they redistributing Red Cross packages, they’ll also digging deep into their own homes – or what’s left of them.

‘The Red Cross said they’d be happy to accept any donations on behalf of the NHS. So we’ve teamed together to send whatever we could. We know they really need beds so we’ve been sending them especially. They’ve been blown into bits and pieces so some assembly will be required,’
said one generous Syrian.

Syrians have said that they see a lot of their own troubles mirrored in the NHS and that they appreciate the fact that Britain only bombed them once.

‘It was very magnanimous of them to only bomb the shit out of us once. I think it shows just how badly Britain is struggling financially,’ said the Syrian.