TEN THOUSAND men needed for Wilsford’s latest tourist attraction

Lincolnshire–The tiny village of Wilsford is advertising jobs for as many as TEN THOUSAND men to work on their latest tourist attraction: the Wilsford Cum Lake.

Wilsford is pushing ahead with the Cum Lake project in an effort to bring in tourists and new settlers to the tiny village.

A pearly white lake is the goal for Wilsford, but they can’t build it alone. They need to bring in more man power.

‘We’ve got one hundred and fifty able-bodied men but it just isn’t enough; this is a lake we’re talking about, not a bathtub. We’re going to need ten thousand men working around the clock to fill her up,’ said Mayor Richard Stroker.

No qualifications are required for the job, just ‘a pole, a tight grip and a decent aim’ according to the job listing.

And Wilsford has already received over TWENTY THOUSAND applications, including one from a Peter Beater who was one of the very first applicants.

‘I’m really excited to work on this project, I could get to work right now,’ said Peter.

The hard work will begin in just one month and, it is hoped, the Wilsford Cum Lake should be finished by the end of the year.

We wish Wilsford a happy ending.