Terrifying clown spotted inside screening of Stephen King’s ‘It’

Cinema goers were given the fright of their lives yesterday after photos emerged of a terrifying clown sat alone as doors opened to a screening of Stephen King’s ‘It’.

With its garish make-up and horrifying scowl, visitors were keen to avoid sitting near the clown who would only answer to the name ‘Katie’.

‘I’ve seen some scary shit in my time, but whatever that was has replaced the whale in my nightmares,’
said Steven Van Horne, one of the unlucky cinema goers.

Katie The Clown growled at anyone who came near to her, leaving some people standing in the aisles rather than sitting next to her.

She was eventually kicked out of the screening after repeatedly shouting offensive slurs.

‘We thought she might have Tourette’s syndrome but it quickly became clear that she was just being a cunt,’
said cinema manager Ishwa Jaffrey.