Theresa May accidentally disbands Conservative Party after promising to ‘get tough on the causes of poverty’

With a general election less than two months away, Theresa May has made an almighty gaffe after promising to ‘get tough on the causes of poverty’. Before she realised her mistake, the Conservative Party were forced to disband to fulfil her promise.

It was supposed to be a sneak peak of the Conservative election manifesto but it all went wrong from the Prime Minister.

Speaking to a throng of journalists, Mrs May said: ‘The Conservative Party is the party for everyone. There ain’t no party like a Conservative Party, as young people might say. We promise to get tough on the causes of poverty – oh shit, no…wait!’

As the main cause of poverty in the UK, the Conservative Party was forced to disband with immediate effect.

Theresa May is now claiming that someone tampered with her pre-prepared speech and that the wording was changed.

‘It was supposed to say “we promise to cause MORE poverty”, I don’t know what happened,’ cried the PM.

While the guilty party has not been found, Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted snickering to himself all day whilst working on the potato patch of his allotment.