Tom Hanks accused of touching balls on set of ‘Cast Away’

Hanks and just one of his accusers.

Beloved Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has been accused of touching balls throughout the filming of ‘Cast Away’, released in 2000.

The film featured Tom Hanks marooned on an island, with only a volleyball named Wilson for company. Due to Hollywood union regulations, Wilson was actually played by several volleyballs – and each has their own horror story to tell about what went on behind the scenes.

‘He had his hands all over me, I was made to feel so used and dirty,’ said one.

Another told us: ‘We were just objects to him. It was absolutely sickening. But everyone was too scared to say anything because we were deemed so replaceable.’

Long believed to be one of the nicest men in Hollywood, the allegations against Hanks have left the community reeling.

‘If you can’t trust Tom Hanks with your balls, who can you trust?’ questioned Keanu Reeves.