Trump calls Jared Kushner ‘fake news’, claims they’ve never met

President Donald Trump has moved to dissociate himself from son-in-law Jared Kushner who could be the next target in an FBI investigation against Trump.

After former Trump ally Michael Flynn flipped, many believe the FBI are going easy on him to catch a bigger fish – and that fish could be Jared Kushner.

As soon as the news broke, President Trump was quick to unfollow Kushner on Twitter and gave a brief statement on their relationship to the press.

‘Jared Kushner is fake news. So fake. I’ve never even met the guy. My wife – I mean my daughter – Ivanka tells me he follows her around a lot but he’s just some creep,’
said Trump.

When questioned on the hundreds of pictures of Donald and Jared together, President Trump was quick with an answer.

‘You can do a lot of amazing things on computers these days. I mean, they’re bad but they look so real. You can even put the heads of women you like onto the bodies of naked women. Not that I’d do that. But you can,’ he replied.