Trump mocks Jesus for feeding 5,000 people for free

President Donald Trump has gone on the record to question why Jesus Christ would feed 5,000 people for free when there was clearly good profit to be made from the situation.

Shortly after proposing to axe the Meals on Wheels programme, Trump spoke publicly of his contempt for Jesus Christ as a businessman.

‘Look, I love The Bible. I’ve read The Bible, great book, believe me. But this Jesus character? He fed 5,000 people and didn’t even charge them? Bad business,’ said the President.

Jesus, who managed to nourish 5,000 people with only five loaves and two fish, was a strong proponent of helping the poor, and this was his major weakness, according to Trump.

‘The poor are nothing but parasites sucking the blood out of struggling billionaires. I don’t know what Jesus saw in them but he certainly didn’t see any money out of them,’
said President Trump.

Jesus has so far been unable to respond to the President’s statement.