Trump takes time off busy golfing schedule to play President

Donald Trump will take time off his busy golfing schedule to relax and play President for awhile, according to the latest reports.

Trump will leave Mar-a-Lago and the Trump International Golf Club to visit the White House and spend some time relaxing in the Oval Office.

‘Golf is the most demanding game imaginable. Forget the opposition, golf is man vs himself. Frankly, I’m stressed out. It’s time for me to kick back and relax a little in the White House,’
Trump is reported to have said.

Donald, who is one of the very best golf players in the world according to himself, will take time out to play President for awhile to relax and unwind. The game of running the America being one of the most popular pastimes of the megawealthy.

However, some of Trump’s closest allies have questioned the decision.

‘His putting game is going to go to shit if he doesn’t keep on top of it. I respect the heck out of Donald but I don’t think he’s thought this one through,’
said one anonymous friend.

It’s believed that Trump will give himself at least three days off at the White House before returning to Florida and the game he loves so much.