White dog shit officially goes extinct

The world mourns today as white dog shit has officially gone extinct according to the World Wildlife Fund.

The iconic muck was a staple of many streets and back alleys until as recently as the late 90s. Now though it will never been seen again as the last remaining piece of white dog shit was sucked up by a vehicular street sweeper.

‘Many of us have fond childhood memories of white dog shit and it’s sad that our children will no longer be able to see it,’ said activist Robert O’Reilly.

Experts believe the end of white dog shit has been brought about by changes in human behaviour as more dog walkers than ever now clean up after their dog and streets are cleaned more regularly.

WWF spokesperson James McGill told us: ‘For years we warned councils about this but they just would not listen. Not only does this mean that white dog shit is extinct, but many strains of bacteria have been left without the environment they need to breed. This could radically affect the rest of the world on a level similar to the extinction of bees. We’ll just have to wait and see.’

Still some scientists hold out hope that there has been a miscalculation or that brown dog shit (the more common cousin to white dog shit) could create a white offspring.

For now though this remains a harrowing reminder of how human beings are destroying the environment all around them.